Through the Centuries and Decades we have only thought and put our concern about the Green Revolution, the Industrial revolution and many more.  Art21stcentury for the first time has come forward with the perception of "ART REVOLUTION".

Our Founder

MICHAEL TARUN - the Awardee of several awards, a multi-talented Person, the "Earth Promoter" , "Son of the Mother Earth" is  an "Overseas Citizen of India" from New Zealand. Michael has travelled around the world. He is a multi-linguist.

About Us

Arts and paintings are famous all over the world for their various forms which shows the differences in culture and mythology simultaneously shows the unity within it.

Achievement & Mission

Art21stcentury is the only pioneering company in the World whose existence in the Industry of Art & Culture is noteworthy. It is the only organization that broods on the perception and thought of forming a Communion between the Ethereal and the Ephemeral. 


Investment from the benevolent individuals, Philanthropists, Art-lovers, Corporate people, Business people, Industrialists, All patrons of artefacts and People from multifaceted arenas of life are highly and heartily solicited.

Career with Us

Young blooming talented Painters/Artists from all over the world are welcome and invited graciously to Calcutta (Kolkata) by the magnanimous founder Michael Tarun of Art21stcentury to be introduced, promoted and exposed to/in the Indian scenario of the trade of Art & Culture.

Reason for purchase

Ten reasons for purchase/invest into the valuable Paintings/Art-works of Art21stcentury

Mode of payment

Free home delivery on the cash on purchase of "paintings" in Sydney(Australia)*** and Sculptures & Paintings in kolkata(India). Interested purchaser from other places please get in touch with us for the information of payment terms.